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Vacation Home to Speed up FI/RE?

Before the days of the Fat FI/RE movement that headline would have seemed like blasphemy. I say the notion of a second home in the context of the Financial Independence movement is a rare fringe, but I am here to make the case that,… Continue Reading “Vacation Home to Speed up FI/RE?”

Setting yourself up for post FI/RE success – Setting Goals

If you are a consumer of Financial Independence content on a regular basis then you can’t ignore that there has been a MASSIVE uptick in the people who have really struggled 2-5 years into their retirement.  It makes sense though, depending on how you… Continue Reading “Setting yourself up for post FI/RE success – Setting Goals”

America Divided in 3

The world is changing and America is no different and it feels like we are turning a corner that cannot be reversed. The income disparity in the US has always been extreme, but what is happening now is a spread that might not be… Continue Reading “America Divided in 3”

Cheap TVs are amazing

If there is one thing a dad is good at it’s spotting a deal and Firedad is no exception. Gather round kids, it’s story time. I graduated high school around the same time as the television revolution. The time when flat screen and plasma… Continue Reading “Cheap TVs are amazing”

So You Wanna Buy A Sports Car?

Some of us are just born with a love of cars. It runs deep in our blood. I believe that electric is the future, but I  also believe that a naturally aspirated engine with perfectly engineered steering can create religious experiences. So whenI hit… Continue Reading “So You Wanna Buy A Sports Car?”

A showroom quality car wash for less than $1.00

DIY car wash tips for showroom quality