Month: March 2021

NW Update – March 2021

Another month it brings the most comprehensive NW update I have done in a couple years. Assets Real Estate Value Monthly Income IA Rental 3818 $130,000 $1,050 CO Duplex 1060 $580,000 $1,000 Real Estate Total $710,000 $2,050 Tax Advantaged Accounts Value 457 $69,600 401k… Continue Reading “NW Update – March 2021”

Book Report: Die With Zero by Bill Perkins

Within the last year I reached the first FIRE goal we ever set for ourselves which was a big $1,000,000 in assets. While I haven’t kept a blog for an especially long time I have kept lots of personal writing about my FIRE goals… Continue Reading “Book Report: Die With Zero by Bill Perkins”