Month: November 2020

Terrible Jobs; Good Lessons

I think everyone has had a terrible job before. The worst jobs or clients I’ve had have been the most interesting to look back on and see how they have shaped my approach to FIRE, business and life in general. I’ve had terrible people… Continue Reading “Terrible Jobs; Good Lessons”

Wildfires and Climate Change

Well FIREDad has just returned from our first mandatory evacuation from our home and let me tell you it sucks. I know you’ve seen people interviewed that say it’s so much worse than you can imagine and let me tell you they are right.… Continue Reading “Wildfires and Climate Change”

America Divided in 3

The world is changing and America is no different and it feels like we are turning a corner that cannot be reversed. The income disparity in the US has always been extreme, but what is happening now is a spread that might not be… Continue Reading “America Divided in 3”

Resort Skiing is a Curse on Humanity

The Fire Family lives in Northern Colorado in the mountains and winter is the most important season of the year. Winter means that every day is an adventure in the backcountry and each time we are lucky enough to go explore and play is… Continue Reading “Resort Skiing is a Curse on Humanity”