The title of this post can relate to so many things in life and every single one of them will have a  wonderfully positive effect on your life and community. Social media activism is a feel good echo chamber and should be avoided at nearly every turn. Trying to change the world on the world or even national level means you are one voice of millions or billions. Unless you are a very unique person with generational skills to rise in fame, and I mean on the level that 100 years later we remember you so well you are referenced by your initials (FDR, MLK, JFK). If you aren’t destined to be a generational hero; I have good news for you. You can still make a difference in the world, but you are going to be a lot more effective if you think small.

It’s surprisingly easy to change a law at the town level. If you don’t like something and can find enough people to agree with you all then just write up your proposed changes, contact your Town Hall and request a ballot initiative. They will tell you how many signatures you need and when it’s due. From there you haul your ass around on your bike to all your friends, colleagues, business owners that might agree with you. Hell, go talk to people you don’t think will agree and see if they will sign your petition. Get the required amount of signatures and just like that, your new law, amendment or proposal is going to get voted on! 

Do you think your change is logical and could be changed without a vote? Go speak to your Town Counsel and all elected officials, write emails, interact with them on social media and explain your position. You’ll be surprised how receptive they are to a logical argument  and unlike when you call or email your senators, these people will listen, interact, hear you out and could even officially propose your amendments. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up for your positions and politics nationally, but if you want to see immediate change your best bet is to start in your own community.

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